Does The Key To Better Health Lie In A Spiritual Awakening?

Short answer...YES.

Of course, it's up to the individual person, but, in general. people tend to take better care of their health during, and as a result of, a spiritual awakening.

There are a couple of reasons why this is so.

First, every spiritual awakening has its share of physical symptoms (often referred to as "ascension symptoms").  Common ascension symptoms include insomnia, brain fog, weight gain, low sex drive and lack of energy. Check out our Ascension Angel™ Ascension Symptom Alleviation Bundle to see the supplements we offer to combat these symptoms - and save 15% in process!

NOTE:  If you are experiencing a twin flame journey as part of your spiritual awakening, the physical symptoms are mostly different. Common symptoms associated with a twin flame journey include loss of appetite, anxiety, sadness and difficulty sleeping.  As a result of the loss of appetite, it's possible not to consume enough nutrients, which is detrimental to your health.  Our Divine Diva™ Twin Flame Survival Bundle includes all of the supplements needed to combat the physical symptoms as well as vitamins and nutritional products to help maintain good health at a huge savings. 

By taking the best natural supplements for spiritual awakening symptoms, overall health tends to improve due to all of the extra vitamins and nutrients that are being consumed.

The second reason why a spiritual awakening is the key to better health is a result of what constitutes a spiritual awakening.  A spiritual awakening is the process by which you become more conscious or aware of yourself as a soul.  

Your soul, like everything else, is energy.  It's the most powerful energy that  💕 

By being more conscious of your soul (love) and doing the soul work required of the spiritual journey, you shift closer into alignment with who you truly are, which is your soul (love).

Doing this causes you to naturally care about yourself more.  Self-care (taking care of our physical bodies and wellbeing) is a by-product of a spiritual awakening. Self-care is a part of self-love.  When you love yourself, you take care of yourself.

The third reason why the key to better health lies in a spiritual awakening is because the most detrimental thing to our health is stress.  While a spiritual awakening can cause a person to feel stress at first, their stress usually dissipates once they have done the necessary soul work required of their spiritual journey.


The process of aligning closer to your soul (love) involves alchemizing or transmuting your fear.  Fear is the cause of all stress.  Therefore, by eliminating the fear within yourself, your stress also naturally decreases.

This is a process, and it doesn't happen overnight.  If you are in the throes of a spiritual awakening and still feel stressed, or even if you aren't in the midst of a spiritual awakening but feel stressed...our Cool Cat™ will help you keep calm and healthy.

These are the main three reasons why the key to better health lies in a spiritual awakening. If you are experiencing one, know that physical symptoms are par for the course, but as long as you take care of yourself now, you will find yourself in better physical health as a result.

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