What Is A Twin Flame?

According to our founder and twin flame expert, Elle Hari...

In short, Twin Flames are actually the divine truth of creation. It’s how we’re all created. Everyone has, and is, a Twin Flame, including you. 

To really understand this truth, we need to first understand what and who we truly are. We are a soul. Everyone – me, you, that stranger walking down the street – is a soul temporarily inhabiting a physical body. There’s a common misconception that we are our physical bodies, when in fact, no one is a physical body. We are not our minds, we are not our hands, we are not our face, we are not our torsos. 

We are a soul and our soul is energy. Furthermore, everyone’s soul has a unique frequency of energy which they share with no one and nothing else in the entire cosmos, except for their Twin Flame. 

The soul typically lives and resides in the fifth dimension but when we incarnate here on earth, we’re born here into the physical world into a physical body, into a lifetime. Essentially, we come into the third dimension which has a different energetic paradigm than the fifth dimension, from where the soul originates. 

The third dimension is one of opposites and duality. Where there’s up, there’s always down. Hot and cold. In and out. Light and dark. Good and bad. Back and forth. In the world that we live in, there exist all sorts of opposites. 

By contrast, the fifth dimension has none of that duality and opposition. Our souls are eternal, infinite, timeless, multidimensional, omnipresent, and miraculous. They know no end and no beginning. There are no limits. Our souls are everything and anything all at once. 

The soul is from the realm of the fifth dimension where anything is possible, but in order to incarnate here into your physical form, your soul had to assimilate on the same energetic paradigm of the third dimension, which is one of duality and opposites. Because of this, your soul had to be made into two opposites of itself. One of those opposites is within your physical body, and the other opposite of itself is within the Twin Flame’s physical body. Everyone is created this way. 

It’s the truth and the truth does not discriminate. Everyone is created equally across the board.

Everyone has (and is) a twin flame, and everyone will experience the twin flame journey at some point.

The twin flame journey is when the soul recognizes itself within the physical body of the other twin flame, and their shared polarized energy becomes activated.  The polarized energy manifests as a push/pull resulting in one twin flame pushing towards the other twin flame while that twin flame pulls away from the push twin flame.

This makes it physically impossible for the twin flames to be together for any sustained amount of time, and it also results in a whole host of painful, physical symptoms.  Some of the most common are: anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, despair and the ability to focus on anything other than the twin flame.

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