About Us

The Apothecary For Ascension™

Alaya Life LLC is the first nutrition and supplement company created to cater specifically to people experiencing spiritual ascension. Our premium health and wellness products are designed to address the myriad of symptoms commonly associated with the spiritual ascension process - safely, naturally and effectively. Our mission is to assist those seeking a higher level of consciousness, abundance, peace, love, bliss and purpose to feel their best physically as they continue to shift closer into their true, authentic selves.

Being present is the foundation of any spiritual practice and a hallmark of ascension. We know how challenging it is to be present when one is experiencing physical pain, discomfort, illness or injury. This is why physical health and wellness is an essential component of the ascension process. We offer our wide range of products with this in mind and invite you to experience their amazing effects for yourself.

Here's to your health...physical and spiritual!

Namaste xx